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2011 Calendar

January 7, 2011

Hello! Happy 2011. Our team collaborated and created a new calendar again this year. Available for FREE download here. Enjoy!

Boiled down brands

December 30, 2010

Found this image from Antrepo over on Inspire Me Now. Love how the brands still come across with so little visual support.

Living in 100 square feet

August 16, 2010

I was very impressed when I saw this video from Tumbleweed Houses. According to the website, this company has received a lot of media coverage, but I managed to miss it.

Check out this video of Jay Shafer giving a tour of his Tiny House. I know I would feel like a giant in this house!

Then I got a flashback to this commercial that made me laugh and laugh… That was in the days before DVR…

Meet Darryl

June 19, 2010


Darryl can't wait for the carousel ride to be over so he can eat a corn dog.

Meet Sheroosah

June 19, 2010


Sheroosah enjoys reading and bright colors.

Perpetual Kid

May 5, 2010

Browsing around on Inspire Me, Now!, I came across these clever trash bags that are 100% biodegradable from Perpetual Kid. Now, why didn’t I think of that?

A new passion: crochet

March 6, 2010


My favorite baby in her crocheted sweater


My good friend CJ showed up at the office one day, telling us how she found some supplies, taught herself how and crocheted a scarf that past weekend. She gave me a short tutorial, and I thought… I can do this!

Well, it’s about 6 weeks later, and I am really enjoying my new hobby.

Some goofball in a hat


I wanted to share some tools I have found useful. Lion Brand Yarn has a website that is wonderful. They have a database of free patterns that you can save to your profile. Then when you are ready to start your project, all the info is right there. Bonus: they have a mobile version of the website, so you can sit and crochet on the couch, without bothering to print out the instructions or pattern. That, paired with the user reviews has been very helpful. Some of the photos seem kind of dated, but you just have to imagine your creation in your choice of yarn and individual flare.

My friend applefritter sent me a link to the site CraftBits. They have all kinds of instructions for all types of crafts, but their crochet section is full of different ideas. I incorporated a poppy on this hat I made for my mother-in-law.

I will keep you posted on any other new projects I complete.

Toilet paper rolls. Who knew?

February 11, 2010

I have a project I have every intention of completing… I just have to get to it. This project involves toilet paper rolls. Stay tuned. I am determined to get it done. Really.

Looking for some inspiration for my somewhat secret project, I came across these wonderful sculptures by Junior Fritz Jacquet on LoudDreams.

I love the idea of taking “trash” and making something beautiful. Any other art/artists like this out there?

Have a Deep-Fried 2010

December 31, 2009


The 2010 Calendar from Deep-Fried Creative


I think I can speak for all of us when I say 2009 was a heck of a year! We had many wonderful things happen to us and I hope 2010 is just and happy and lucky.

A couple of months ago, a group of us at Deep-Fried Creative got together to make something special. Each member designed a month of our very own 2010 calendar.

You want one for yourself, you say? I don’t blame you; it’s pretty awesome. The 8.5″ x 11″ PDF is available for download! Click here.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year from all of us at Deep-Fried Creative.

30 Dumb Inventions

October 7, 2009

Head on over to Life Magazine’s Photo Gallery to check out some dumb inventions from the 1940s – 1960s. The captions are pretty funny – worth the read. Here are a couple of my favorite photos:


Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, 1954

Rainy Day Cigarette Holder, 1954

Dog Restrainer, 1940

Dog Restrainer, 1940


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