iPhone Art

iSketch140 by Jorge Colombo

iSketch140 by Jorge Colombo

iSketch104 by Jorge Colombo

iSketch104 by Jorge Colombo

Is there anything you can’t do with the iPhone?

These are just two of the pieces from Jorge Colombo’s iPhone Sketches series. In his artist’s statment, Jorge explains that his sketches are “drawn on location using an iPhone application called Brushes. No photo references, no tablets, no brushes to wash: just my finger on the tiny touch-screen. Don’t even need a proper light: the drawing itself glows in a dark corner.” Super cool.

Via 20×200.

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2 Comments on “iPhone Art”

  1. Here is another artist, Stef Kardos, doing the same thing:

    Pretty cool.

  2. magimbu Says:

    Ya know goodily gravystone–I ain’t no techy and have never thought of a reason why I should have to own an iphone (even though I admit they’re really nice and supa-cool)—but, I don’t even text unless I absolutely have to—and if I do text- it takes me about 15 min to wite a couple of lines ( I know, I’m retarded). But, this app. sounds way cool and would be something I would constantly be diddlin’ with. now…I want….AN IPHONE!

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