Wall Art

Look what Bonasso found

Look what Bonasso found

We did a presentation recently and Bonasso had a piece on trend watching represented with photo from Etsy.com. I loved these canvases and wanted to get them in brown for my bedroom. After a long time (about an hour to be precise) searching on Etsy, since I didn’t have the seller name, I found them. And then, I found out they weren’t canvases, they were decals! While I like the idea of wall decals (you can move them, they look graphically cool on the wall, they are oversized, etc.) I don’t really want them for my bedroom. Maybe for a child’s room (no, don’t read in to that) or an office, but I want something a little more formal for the bedroom.

From Gott’s suggestion, I contacted the seller and asked if she could print them on paper for me. She said yes (not sure why…) and the she said no, she doesn’t have printing capabilities. So now I am considering purchasing the decals and adhering them to white or cream card stock and getting them framed. I don’t know how the decals are put together — like all on one piece of acetate — so we’ll see. I have posted a mock-up of what the decals would look like on my “Parakeet Green” wall. What do y’all think?


What may be hanging in my bedroom soon!

What may be hanging in my bedroom soon!



Let me know! Love, GoodGravyStein 🙂

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5 Comments on “Wall Art”

    • Anonymous Says:

      I love ’em! If they do come on one sheet, will you cut them apart or consider just mounting the whole thing on paper and doing one big frame?

  1. magimbu Says:

    Shore would be easy to reproduce on canvas with use of an artograph and some acrylic paint…would ther be copyright issues? Let me know and fer a labor fee I’ll hammer that shit out!

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