So, I take the back road to work. You kn…

So, I take the back road to work. You know, the two-lane one that winds through the small, speed trap towns that barely seem to be breathing. It may take a little longer, but it makes for a much more pleasant commute – one without everyone around you juggling coffee, cell phones and make-up application. But who needs that when you can have open fields, cow pastures and the mystique of small town main streets? I sure don’t. So here’s a few haikus I came up with to share this morning’s experiences with you. Enjoy!

The Longest Five-Mile Stretch Ever
Student truck driver.
Two lane highway – no passing.
Need to brake away.

Morning Welcome Committee
Old men benchwarmers
Back with their coffee and cigs.
What tales do they tell?

Bee Keeper
Fresh honey for sale.
Sounds good but not really sure.
Store could give me hives.

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2 Comments on “So, I take the back road to work. You kn…”

  1. rhodeislandredchick Says:

    Is the fresh honey in Elm Springs or Cave Springs? Either way I think I know the store you’re talking about and it probably would. 🙂

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