April 29: Bouncing Around the Blogosphere


My apologies for being a little lax with my posts lately. Because I don’t want  Bouncing Around the Blogoshere to overtake this space , I’ve decided to forgo the daily ditties with weekly editions instead.  But have no fear, I think I have one heck of a humdinger for you today.

Tropical Toxic is a process blog for illustrators Tomer and Asaf Hanuka. In addition to their work for books, magazines and newpapers, they also contributed their talents to the animated film ” Waltz With Bashir,” which won a Golden Globe for best foreign film. Tomer and Asaf do a great job of taking you through their creative process, showing roughs, thumbnails and the final product. Visit them at http://tropicaltoxic.blogspot.com/. Just a warning: some posts are NOT PG-13. 


 Sketches for a book cover illustration by Tomer Hanuka

A book cover illustration by Tomer Hanuka

These old two-color envelopes provided Tomer with the inspiration needed for this URB cover featuring the Wu Tang Clan. 



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