A little more highway haiku from tonight…

A little more highway haiku from tonight’s ride home…

Calves Spark Interest
Big bull in pasture.
Is he thinking more cow belle?
We’ll see in nine months.

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5 Comments on “A little more highway haiku from tonight…”

  1. This one’s my fave so far.

  2. magimbu Says:

    Here’s mine based on my drive down the bypass to my house in Bentonville:

    Boring ass drive.
    Fast Food eats my brain.
    Googly-eyed billboard shouts profanities.
    Smelly compost twists my nose hair into braids.

    • chickenstripper Says:

      which billboard are you referring to? i’m glad i’m not the only one that’s experienced that nose hair braiding thing.

  3. magimbu Says:

    which billboard? don’t really know, they’re all pretty disgusting—esp. the one advertising that $9.99 oil change @ Everett/Maxey Car Dealership (or something like that). But, the blank billboards have these crazy googly eyes on them now that are looking at a phone number (what you’d call if you wanted to advertise on it?). I actually like them though—almost remind me of modern art and make more of a statement by themselves than any of the other bullshit I’ve seen on billboards!

    • deepfriedcreative Says:

      Have you seen the billboard with the pair of eyes advertising for an optometrist? It reminds me of the one in “The Great Gatsby,” sans the spectacles. Everytime I drive by it, I get a creepy feeling like something bad is going to happen. Can’t remember exactly where it is, but I’ll keep an eye out and let ya know! (har har)

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