Weekend projects

Look what I made!

Look what I made!

Here are a few projects I tackled this weekend. I got a fabulous idea from Miss Rhode Island Red to make this for my dear dear friends who are moving to Houston. Did you know that they are selling the turf from Razorback Stadium? Well, I guess CPB (Coach Bobby Patrino) wants artificial turf instead of  real grass. So, they are selling 9″x 9″ squares for $10 apiece. A rip-off, I know, but I thought this was a great idea: plant the turf in a pot so my friends can take a piece of Arkansas with them!

At a local retailer… you may be familiar with it… Starts with a W… I found a nice red cereamic pot and potting soil. I couldn’t find a plant stake with a Razorback on it to buy (with a little online serach help from my friends, we are pretty sure they don’t exist). So, I decided to make my own from a metal auto stick-on and a skewer for cooking kabobs. To the left is a picture of the end result. Actually, I cut the skewer a little shorter so it doesn’t stick up so far from the pot.

Then, I remembered I had some old frames I wanted to spruce up. I got out the spray paint, and after multiple coats and a couple of computer printouts, I a pretty pleased with the results. They are hanging in my guest bedroom.

My old frames look a lot better now.

My old frames look a lot better now.

What do you guys think?

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One Comment on “Weekend projects”

  1. chickenstripper Says:

    Nice! Which project would you like to tackle at my house this weekend?

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