A Racy Conversation

Several months ago, I was sorting through my mail and came across an interesting addition – a catalog from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I flipped through the pages and got a chuckle, but it wasn’t until I got to the back that I noticed that my neighbor’s name was on the back, not mine.

I thought about all the legal ramifications regarding the fraudulent use of other peoples’ mail – briefly. And I thought about showing up on her doorstep to deliver it in person. Now wouldn’t that be awkward? I envisioned the conversation going something like this, “Excuse me, your trashy lingerie catalog was accidentally delivered to me. By the way, I think you’d really rock the house in that outfit on page 12. Do you happen to have that get-up on page 7? Can I borrow it?” Unfortunately, I passed on the fun and just decided to recycle the catalog.

It seems that my second chance has arrived. In yesterday’s mail, I got her Adam & Eve mailing, complete with a 25% off coupon. (If you don’t know this company, don’t assume that you do. And don’t check it out at work.) Any ideas on how this conversation could go?

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5 Comments on “A Racy Conversation”

  1. applefritter Says:

    I think you should start by singing “Are you lonesome tonight?” and then end i with “well I’ve got the solution for you!” pause for fear and then hand over her mail šŸ™‚

  2. You better watch out, or people might follow you home to meet this adventurous lady. Or, wait… are you sure it’s a lady?

    • chickenstripper Says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s a lady, but I’ve only seen her 5 times since she moved in over a year ago. For some reason, she just lets her dog poop in my yard when I’m not home.

  3. magimbu Says:

    Is she single?—I have a couple of buddies that might want to meet her!

    • chickenstripper Says:

      I know the old live-in boyfriend moved out, but I think there’s a new man in her life because I’ve seen a car sleeping over a lot lately.

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