The Portsmouth Project Post #1


Hasta Bella Vista Baby!

Welcome to our home. In keeping with the true spirit of our blog and the creative passion it has allowed me to initially share with you, I thought I would develop a series of posts to keep you turds up to speed with what I do when I’m not working, fathering, husbanding, climbing, or enjoying nude midget polar bear club water aerobics.  I’ve got several projects going on around the house that I will introduce you to.  First up is the entry/big planting bed in the front of the house.

I can’t even begin to explain the level of satisfaction I get when designing and working with nature.  It is last on the list, but making it my full time job would ruin the whole experience.  I’ve developed a lone man style of working that is especially effective once you’ve put in a couple years of work.  We have a pretty big piece of property and when we bought the house, it had just been built with no landscaping whatsoever.  How do I start to work on this place without paying an arm and a leg for someone else to do it?  As I said, a couple of years of building a wall here and making a bed there have started to pay off.  This approach is much like a puzzle in that the neigbors don’t notice much going on at the start, but then all of a sudden things come together pretty fast once the holes get filled in.  Most times with landscaping, this transformation can seem as if it happened almost over night.

So the first area is the big bed in front of the house.  We always knew this was going to be a problem form the start.  I observed water runoff and our traffic patterns around this area for three years to determine the most time and cost effective approach. Late last summer. I built the rock walls. This spring my project has been building the path that will cut through this bed, getting it prepped for compost and manure, and finally mulching it. We will begin planting next year.



All of the timbers for the stepped areas and rock for the stepped areas was picked up at an auction for mere dollars. This area next to the house where the faucet is will be where the path spills out into the side yard. Some gradual shallow steps will be filled with chocolate gravel. If you notice the mass of morter piled up at the bottom, this did pose a problem. I solved it, by pouring some cement and making a ledge for some potted plants. Sorry, no picks of that yet you’ll have to look for the next post. Just wanted to point it out.

The path starts out next to an pull in between the wall and the mailbox. I wanted the path to start out much like the wall and then gradually disappear within the slope. Once we fill with compost and manure and mulch, this effect should look pretty good. I’ve dropped very large flat stepping stones into the steps and we are filling the gaps with moss and chocolate gravel. The concentration of stepping stones will gradually fall off too as the path heads back to the house. The urns are not staying, although the longer they are there, my mind gets to thinking how great some potato vines would look spilling out of them, down the wall and into the yard.










Stay tuned as I already have made some more progress with this bed and path and will be posting soon. Also be looking out for my home climbing gym/kiddos tree house project as that has been underway for a while and another big project at 95 Portsmouth.

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2 Comments on “The Portsmouth Project Post #1”

  1. deepfriedcreative Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the dark green/light green contrast you have in the front flower bed. What is the name of that ground cover?

    • Sappjmac Says:

      Creeping Jenny…we love it. Takes shade, although the front bed does get sun, it just burns it a little in the heat of summer.

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