Allen’s Canning Unveils New Look
















I sent out an email a year ago when I learned from my brother-in-law, who just happens to sell Green Beans for Allen’s Canning, that they are going through a label redesign for several of their canned vegetable items.  Allen’s has a great brand, especially with their Spinach line, who’s ambassador is none other than Popeye himself.  Overall their lables were outdated, drab, and images of the vegetables left you reaching or the more well known brands like Del Monte and Green Giant.

Well that’s all changed now…

I want to point out a few things that I think made this redesign successful. First is the illustration of the “Farm”.  This was painted by the same dude that painted the “Hidden Valley” that we are all very aware of from the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing fame. Second, they did a great job of transitioning from the old look to the new by retaining and polishing a few key elements like the Allen’s logo and blue ribbon.  it just looks like the natural progression of the label. Finally, they have the coloring and texture of the product right.  Those are some pretty good looking beans.



























Again, I think they did a great job with the  redesign. I would say that it competes quite nicely at shelf when compared to more well known brands.  I’m interested in seeing how they follow this up.

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5 Comments on “Allen’s Canning Unveils New Look”

  1. chickenstripper Says:

    Did you take the side by side pic?

  2. cynthia Says:

    oh. nice logo. It has a hidden valley ranch/ pepperidge farms hybrid feel.

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