Vanity Plates



When driving I540 every day to work, I notice vanity plates all the time. To me it’s not just what the plate says, but also what type of car it’s on. For instance, this morning I saw BADABING on  what I think was a black convertible Volkswagen Beetle. At the movie theater on Sunday, I saw ILUVDUX  on a large SUV. My future father-in-law has a Jetta with THEUOFA on the plate.

Another one that perplexed me some time ago was CUZNH20 which at first I thought was supposed to be “Cousin Water” or “Causin’ Water” and then my brother saw it as the chemical symbols for “Copper Zinc Water.” Still not sure why it’s on a vanity plate, though.

Here is a link to some funny plates from Have you seen any funny ones out there on the open road?

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One Comment on “Vanity Plates”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    I just saw this exact car and was trying to figure out what it meant when I found this blog. Solidarity in perplexity! I too thought it meant cousin water…weird. We almost followed them just to ask, but my boyfriend thought better of it. Le sigh.

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