Creative Debate: SciFi vs. Syfy


Earlier this month, the SciFi network rolled out its new redesign and rebranding. Its new name, Syfy, is phonetically identical to the old, with a slight spelling tweak. The validation behind the spelling: This is how you would text it.

Apparently the objective is to distance the network from “geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in the basement playing video games” and to broaden the scope of the content. Oh, and to create an umbrella brand for games and other merchandise.

 To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I think it’s a clever way to keep your identity while polishing it up a bit. On the other, I’m disappointed because it feels so mainstream now. But I guess that’s the whole point. I for one will miss the quirky commercials featuring aliens and other random weirdness.

 What’s your verdict?

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2 Comments on “Creative Debate: SciFi vs. Syfy”

  1. Thumbs down. But that is because III don’t agree with the objective. I think that part of what makes cable so great is that you can target your audience so well. Maybe this is a move in response to the onslaught of TiVo/DVR usage? I just think – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

    • magimbu Says:

      I have to agree with Goodillygravystone on this…”Syfy” Sx (“Sx” means Sucks!). To me it’s yet another umbrella homogenization of our culture. Science Fiction rocks! I was an avid reader of it when I was a young lad…from Ray Bradbury to HP Lovecraft. Now I may not fit into their demographic, but they’ve defintitely lost a viewer with this move if it means they’re gonna start showing the crap that runs on Lifetime or Oxygen or sumptin’…or worse yet- old reruns of “Who’s the Boss”! Their strategy is based on some kind of so-called insights I’m sure…but, makes me ashamed to associate myself with anything that has to do with marketing when it’s a ploy to dilute our culture and a true art form combined with science. LONG LIVE SCIENCE FICTION…let your GEEK FLAG wave proudly!!! Looks like I’ll be tuning in to something more cerebral like “Dance Your Ass Off” from now on.

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