Sub-Studio’s Follow the Leader Project

Came across this while perusing sub studio, one of my favorite blogs,  and thought it was a fun idea. Basically, you can download a high-res pdf of one of 6 drawing “seeds,” draw whatever you like and submit it to the blog for posting. Eventually, there will be prints of selected works that will be sold with the artists receiving a percentage of the sales. Check out the whole shebang here.

jar proof

Above, the jar drawing seed. The location and the size of the seed in the drawing has to stay the same. Below, illustration student Lauren Gentry’s rendition, my favorite so far.

jar by Lauren Gentry

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One Comment on “Sub-Studio’s Follow the Leader Project”

  1. […] done recently is to create the Follow the Leader challenge, which I wrote about in detail over at Deep-Fried Creative. In a nutshell, the challenge is to create an original work based off one of six seed drawings. […]

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