Why I love Hello Kitty

HKWhen I was a young lass, my brother and I had a “See and Play.” This was a toy in which you would pop cassette and pull out the corresponding booklet and press the red, yellow, blue or green button to guide the characters through the story. You could be a Muppet learning the ABCs, a kid taking a tour of NASA or you could be Hello Kitty traveling the world and learning about different cultures.

And so began my love for the adorable white cat. As an adult, I have come to realize she the epitome of “cute.” With few simple lines and shapes, a feeling can be communicated clearly. I think this is why she is loved by children and adults alike; she represents purity and innocence that is an archetype in everyone’s mind.

Another reason I think HK is great is because she can take on so many personalities. She can be a teacher, flapper, astronaut or punk rocker. Because of the simple design of her face, anything is possible.

According to Hello Kitty Universe, she was born in Japan in 1974 when Sanrio asked designer Ikuko Shimizu to create a character that would appeal to the girl in everyone. So, Kitty White was revealed (yes, Hello Kitty is a nickname) as a kitty that lives in London with her family and loves apple pie. Many people wonder why Hello Kitty has no mouth. It is because she speaks from her heart. Awwww….

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