The Wengers’ Creative Challenge at The Home Depot


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Adam and I both really enjoy making things with our hands and, on occasion, we embark on joint creative projects. Adam’s been itching to make something involving power tools lately, and that gave me an idea. As I’ve mentioned before, I love, love, love shows that give you a creative challenge: “Project Runway,” “Top Chef,” “Food Network Challenge.” But Adam hates them. So, we concocted a Creative Challenge for ourselves: Make a sculpture in one week using half of a 2×4 and $20 worth of materials from one of Adam’s favorite stores, The Home Depot. We had a lot of fun, and even though we were mostly working on individual pieces, we collaborated on some things. (Read “Cassie had to ask Adam for help cutting up her wood.” The kind people at The Home Depot cut the 2×4 in half for us, but I wanted much smaller pieces that we would have to do ourselves. I was looking forward to using the drill, but there was the delicate matter of possibly splitting the wood and ruining the piece, so I let the expert do it while I just gave directions.) Anywho, I put our experience together in a photo essay using Whrrl. Check out Cassie and Adam Wenger’s Home Depot Challenge to see the results.

It was quite a learning experience. One thing I really noticed is that Adam likes clean lines and flush corners; whereas I prefer jagged edges and happy accidents. Adam is much more of a planner; I’m very reactionary.  He had his whole idea planned out before we left the store. I had a loose idea, selected items that caught my eye and knew it would all work itself out.

We allowed ourselves to use tools and items already in our possession. Adam’s preferred tools: table saw, hammer and drill. Mine: hot glue gun.My extra materials included small washers and screws for the eyes, a dowel rod, paint and dirt. Adam used finishing nails, screws, scrap pieces of white plexiglass, a dowel rod and a carriage bolt.

Lastly, I learned that it is quite an experience to chronicle your creative process. But it made me think more about why I was doing certain things and how I would explain it. And I would definitely love to do it again. Any suggestions for our next Creative Challenge?

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