Bouncing Around the Blogosphere: {Mad Men}


Some of us here in the Deep-Fried vat love “Mad Men.” Some not so much. I’m a fan for a few reasons. I love the way it looks, and I love getting a glimpse into a time when the next new tactic was TV rather than social media. Another thing I find fascinating about “Mad Men” is how it has embraced new age social media as a marketing tool but still maintained the ’60s mindset. Several “Man Men” characters have Twitter accounts that they use quite effectively. And let’s not forget the very popular MadMen Yourself microsite we all has tons of fun with. So, it’s no surprise that there are an abundance of Mad Men blogs out there. Here are what I consider to be the top three Mad Men-related blogs that I’ve come across lately.  

The Footnotes of Mad Men

This blog explains a lot of the cultural references made on the show that might go over someone’s head if they weren’t around in the ’60s or didn’t pay attention in American History. One of the two. It also offers up real examples of ads of the age and art and design references.

Welcome to the Drapers

All the other mommies are doing it. Why shouldn’t Betty Draper be a mommy blogger, too?

What Would Don Draper Do?

There’s also a “What Would Roger Sterling Do?,” ” What Would Joan Holloway Do,” etc., etc. It’s not much to look at. Joan Holloway’s blog is much more visual. But this one was the most interesting to read in my opinion. And it’s dry, sardonic wit is smack dab on character.

Happy blogsurfing.

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