Howdy Fried Fiends! Just in time for 1 of my fave months of the year…SPOOOOKY October, I’m providing a link for the MODERN MONSTERS 2009 group art exhibit @ I have 4 pieces featured in the show: 1) Octavio Perez (a werewolf from Mexico & possibly an alter ego :P), 2) Zalula the Lovesick Space Monster (self explanatory), 3) Manifestation of Peter Lorre (spontaneous mixed media with a bit of crazy beat poetry thrown in) & 4) Burning with Abe (same style as previously mentioned). I’m in the fellow company of some really well known artists/illustrators, so it’s quite an honor to be a part of the show. Cool, fun stuff—had a blast painting the pieces—the 2 spontaneous mixed media pieces are something I do in conjunction with the tighter pieces I create—just to stay loose when I’m in final detailing stages of the tight pcs. and need to limber up. Took some blood, sweat and tears to hit the deadline—but, that’s all part of the rush and the creative encounter. A book is also being published in conjunction with the show…will let you know when & where it’s available online.

Octavio Perez


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One Comment on “MODERN MONSTERS Art Exhibit”

  1. hashbrowncasserole Says:

    Just looked at the exhibit. Some pretty cool stuff!

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