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Rebecca Ward Tape Installations

November 25, 2009

Absolutely amazing…

Click here to see more of Rebecca Ward’s work. Via Oh Joy!

Lizzie Kate – A Designer for This Stitcher

November 19, 2009

Design is everywhere, even the places you don’t really think of. I am a cross-stitcher, and despite the fact that it seems to be a dying craft I’m still addicted. Now, you probably wouldn’t know of this addiction if you visited my house. The walls are not covered with stitching projects from top to bottom. But if you find my project bin in the closet, you’ll see that do I like to stitch.

Closer inspection will tell you that one of my favorite designers is Lizzie Kate. All of the pattern designs are fun, playful and quick to do. The colors are vibrant and many of them also use a cool threads, buttons and other embellishments that challenge me to try new mediums, if you will. You can see all their patterns using the link above, and you can even download some free patterns from their site.

While I finished the stitching on these projects several years ago, I hadn’t gotten around to getting them ready for display. Luckily, they waited patiently as I figured out what to do with them. When inspiration hit this fall, I took advantage of it. And, thanks to ideas from one of Mona’s finishing classes at The Silver Needle several years ago, here’s where I ended up.

DesignVagabond…oh yeah!

November 18, 2009


Few design blogs make me this happy.

A Whole New Way to Mark Your Glass

November 6, 2009


Personally, I forgo wine charms by using mismatched glasses. But these little fellas have me wishing I had matching stems for the first time ever. LOVE! (Wait! There is that stemless set I got as a wedding gift. Sweet!)

Photography and original posting by NOTCOT. Click here for more photos and details.

Pac Man Creativity

November 4, 2009

80s cake via gamefreaks


’80s cake and Pac Man Pumpkins via Gamefreaks

Self Costume

November 3, 2009

When you want to dress up but not pretend to be someone else.

Artist, Eric Testroete, uses 3D software and knowledge of paper craft to give himself a “big head”.