Redgunk Tales: Tales from the Kudzu (I hear it pairs well with red wine)

If you see this book, pick up your very own copy and enjoy the read!

Looking for a read that’s a little different from what you’re used to? My very own friend, Bill Eakin, a.k.a. William R. Eakin, has written a book that fits the bill. (No pun intended … maybe.) Here’s your chance to jump into his short story collection – Redgunk Tales.

The first volume, Tales from the Kudzu, is now available for voracious reader consumption. Published by Sam’s Dot Publishing, this is the first installment in the 5-6 volume series. The stories feature a real fantasy world where science fiction events and fantasy happenings create unforgettable stories and characters.

Ready to discover the clever world of Bill’s imagination? Get your very own copy of Redgunk Tales: Tales from the Kudzu. I know I may be a bit biased since I think Bill’s such a great guy and all, but the critics think he’s an amazingly talented writer, too. Here’s what some of them had to say…

Sort of like Thomas Wolfe on acid, or James Joyce on moonshine, Bill Eakin 
takes the words, the rhythms, the heat, the mud, the cicadas and the kudzu of 
the south and turns them into stories that touch your heart while messing 
with your brain stem and possibly tampering with your DNA. A truly original 
and unique voice…. 

–Shawna McCarthy, Realms of Fantasy

Bill Eakin is one of the more inventive writers making a name for himself today…. His southern-fried narrative is (in the opinion of this Bama Boy) one-hundred percent faithful and twice as irreverent.
–Kurt Roth, Tangent

Eloquent and witty, thoughtful and even heart-rending. . . . Every time I’ve read a Redgunk story recently, I’ve come away thinking the most recent was better than what I had seen before. I’m coming to realize that it’s not a question of better; each one has been good on its own. . . .Bill Eakin is a brilliant storyteller.
–Kim Mohan, Amazing Stories

So what are the Redgunk Tales? They’re stories, sit-around-on-the-step-and listen-to-your-crazy-uncle-bullshit stories. They have that kind of easy rhythm and flow and enthusiasm, and they’re written with a love of the sound of language that doesn’t rear its head often…a richness…that lifts it beyond pure regionalism and into an altogether more sparsely populated neighborhood….cracking good read. It’s one of those collections that’s so rich that it’s best read one story at a time, so that each can be savored and enjoyed on its own terms. It’s a slower read that way but then again, that’s more time spent in Redgunk. And that just can’t be a bad thing.
–Rowan Innish, The Green Man Review (July 2001)

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One Comment on “Redgunk Tales: Tales from the Kudzu (I hear it pairs well with red wine)”

  1. Kody Says:

    Yay! and Thanks! I’m his biggest fan.

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