A Plethora of Pantone Products

Saw these two conceptual product ideas by Brazil-based artist Sao Paulo over on The Dieline:

I’ve seen other Pantone-inspired products before. I actually considered getting the Pantone cufflinks for Adam as a wedding gift. But he’s not really a cufflink kinda guy. But these got me wondering about what other Pantone-inspired  products are out there. So I hit up Google. The answer: PLENTY. Some are for real, some aren’t.  But I, for one, found them fun so I’m compiling ’em here for your viewing pleasure.

Pantone notepads


Pantone coffee cups


Pantone cufflinks


Pantone perch


Pantone folding chair


Pantone chair


Pantone paint job


Pantone spray paint


Pantone Rubix cube


Pantone Legos?


Pantone kicks


Pantone tote


Pantone aprons


Pantone plates and bowls


Pantone salt and pepper mills


Pantone kitchen canisters


Pantone chips


And there’s Pantone wall paint, Pantone oven mitts, Pantone cell phones… and, coming soon, Pantone purses! All this from a brand that started out selling color cards. Talk about a line extension.

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