I Crave Carvings

For some reason that I’m not really aware of, I really dig mini carvings, especially when they’re carved out of an unconventional material. Dont’ get me wrong, I like wood carvings a lot, too. There are a few to be found around my house. But I love, love, love quirky carvings like these:

Chinese Zodiac Crayon Carvings by artist Diem Chau

A closer look at Diem Chau's snake carving. You can see more close ups here.

I came across these carvings a couple of years ago on NOTCOT. If I remember correctly, they’re carved out of beech nuts. I think they’re amazing — so intricate and so beautifully done. I couldn’t locate the artist’s name or where to find them, but I’ve saved the images because I love looking at them.



Another snake!

And I feel a little silly admitting to this next one, but I also like Thai fruit and vegetable carvings. I saw a competition on the Food Network once and I was fascinated. Sometimes the designs can get a bit hokey, but it’s interesting to see all the different ideas that emerge. 

The art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving is called Kae-Sa-Luk. It dates back to the 1300s and was considered an art performed for the royal court.

Watermelons are my favorites.

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