Marimekko Fabrics

I’m on the mad hunt to find affordable fabric with which to recover my craigslist wingback chair. Still a no-go, but in my pursuit I ran across these Marimekko  fabrics that I would LOVE to have on my chair… but they don’t fall into the realm I consider “affordable.” But here they are nonetheless for your viewing pleasure.

Marimekko Keisarinna Grey

Marimekko Kuusama Green

Didn't catch the name of this pattern

Merimekko Lumimarja

Marimekko Kuusana in a different color

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2 Comments on “Marimekko Fabrics”

  1. Ben Horn Says:

    I work for a Marimekko dealer. Those are great fabric choices but you will want to choose upholstery fabrics for durability. The standard-weight cotton fabrics are not durable enough for furniture.

    Also, many Marimekko fabrics will be on sale July 1-15, one of Marimekko’s semi-annual clearances.

    • CassieD Says:

      Thanks, Ben. I’ve been running into that issue, too. Not coming across too many durable upholstery fabric prints I like. If you have any leads or suggestions on that, I’m all ears. And thanks for the sale info! I would still love to get my hands on some of that gorgeous fabric!

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