A Write Way

I haven’t read Mr. Haldeman’s works, but I really dig this approach to his writing. 

All content via Boing Boing

Mitch Wagner sez, “I talked with legendary science fiction author Joe Haldeman for the Copper Robot Podcast about why he writes with a fountain pen in bound books in a room lit by oil lamps, to create stories that explore advanced, future technology. Joe is a Hugo- and Nebula-award winner, author of ‘The Forever War’ and the recent ‘Marsbound’ and ‘Starbound.'”

Haldeman: “There’s something special about writing by hand, writing with a fountain pen, and there’s something special about writing into a book, to take a blank book and turn it into an actual book. I guess there’s a sort of superstitious or mystical aspect to it,” Haldeman said. “I like the physical action of writing down by hand, and I don’t just use it for writing my fiction. I carry a notebook and write down things to do, and I write out thoughts and stuff like that.”

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