Creative Debate: New Gap Logo

A hot topic on blogs and Twitter today is the unveiling of a new Gap logo. Some say it’s a stunt to get media attention. Some are wondering if it’s just a test because the old logo is still in use on Facebook and Twitter. (And there’s been no PR explaining the change.) Some say it’s just an outward sign of Gap’s inner brand struggles.

But we just want to hear what you have to say, DFC brethren. Opine away.

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12 Comments on “Creative Debate: New Gap Logo”

  1. CassieD Says:

    Becky said the new logo is on the tag of a shirt she bought last year! Eeek!Old one is better and definitely more higher-end looking. New one looks like outdated technology. Sad.

  2. Cammy Jo Says:

    The new one looks like something for a computer. Definitely like the old one better. Feels like home. 🙂

  3. Jason Sapp Says:

    Looks like John Salazar is at it again. Helvetica type and a blue box that represents the blue sky above the Napa Valley wine fields where he would serenade the daughters of Ernesto and Julio Gallo.

  4. Matt Lawrence Says:

    Sterile, Corporatey – Devoid of warmth or emotional attachment. Looks like the logo for a consulting company or accounting firm.

  5. Jay Thornton Says:

    meh, not for me. Looks like the Walmartians are taking over the Gap. I see lost (perceived) quality in the logo alone. And then, to top it off, they’ve tied all their brands together on the website. Wonder if thats going to hurt Banana Republic profitability? Lets see… I can get this sweater on BR for $65 or get a really similar one at Gap for half the price.

  6. CassieD Says:

    Crack me up, Jason! That is HILARIOUS!

  7. ChickenStripper Says:

    $20 to the person who can find the logo that Salazar actually ripped this off of. Come on, you know it’s out there somewhere.

  8. Rich Says:

    I like it. It’s fresh & clean. In comparison, the old logo looks like the original Walmart logo . . .

    Viva El Salazar!

  9. CassieD Says:

    This just in: the new logo is OUT, old logo back in. Some are saying it’s social media influence at it’s best, some say it’s social media at it’s worst. Why can’t we all just get along?

    • Rich Says:

      Ridiculous! I’m sure a pretty penny was spent to develop, test and execute this logo. Nights and weekends were wasted debating over such key decisions as Helvetica or Arial; all caps or lower case; a blue square or a blue circle; solid or gradiation . . .

      in the matter of a few days Gap management shows they have now spine.

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