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Pinterest Promo

March 28, 2012

Plotting a Pinterest promotion that’s even better than this …


Who needs spray paint?

March 23, 2012

Guerilla street art… with CROCHET!!! Also known as yarn bombing. Gave me warm fuzzies. From newfound favorite, Street Art Utopia.

Ads I Like

March 16, 2012

I’m always pinning ad work I like to Pinterest or sharing them with coworkers, so I thought I’d start tossing a few on here as well.

No headline needed. Beautiful.

This LEGO ad is the first in a four-part series that ends with a blank, lined page anchored with the tagline: “Every LEGO brick tells a story. Build yours.” These ads are so charming, written with the delighted, energetic rambling of a child at play.

Part of an ad series that also labels a grill as a wireless hotspot and a bird as the first Tweeter. Clever. Simple. Clean.

I got a big kick out of this. Such an interesting challenge for this writer to create content devoid of tone. And such a cool use for a QR code.

The Art on My Walls: Steve Horan

March 12, 2012

"Vineyard Wildflowers," pastel painting by Bella Vista-based artist Steve Horan

Spent a little time arranging artwork on our walls recently. It’s a serious balancing act. We FINALLY found the perfect space for a mask we picked up on our honeymoon in Costa Rica three years ago. But that’s always been my MO with art . Like it. Buy it. Figure out how it fits in later. If my walls end up cluttered with wall-to-wall art like the Louvre, I’m way OK with that. Anyway, all this rearranging made me appreciate the first piece that went up ¬†and has never moved. Not even an inch. It’s a print of this pastel, “Sunny Day in Arkansas, No. 2” by Steve Horan.

I met local artist Steve Horan many moons ago while scoping out local galleries as an entertainment reporter. I love his use of color and his serene, abstract style. His rural landscapes are so soft and cheerful, like something from a hazy dream you’re squinting to remember. His urban landscapes emit a buzz of energy, but one that whispers and beckons. I was torn between the two when deciding which to buy. But in the end, it had to be the Arkansas landscape above, which reminds me of the amazing mountain views that quieted my mind on my drive to and from college.

Other Horan works:

“City at Night,” acrylic painting by Steve Horan

"Prairie Restoration," pastel painting by Steve Horan

Visit his website here to see more of his work.