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Surround yourself with creative people…

April 26, 2012

… and things like this happen.


My podmate whipped this up for me last week while I was in the midst of planning a first birthday party. I love them all, and like a bad client, I didn’t execute ANY of them. What did I do? I tied a balloon to the back of the highchair. Lame-o, I know. But I was just too worn out after making the food, the onesie, a banner and all the other decorations. But I appreciate the effort and the creativity. Thanks, Jason!


Art on My Walls: Sentence Diagrams

April 6, 2012

This isn’t on my wall…yet. But inspiration struck when I came across this little diagram while reading a post about the origin of sentence diagraming (yes, I am that geeky). Two long, skinny canvases. Two diagrammed sentences. One for my husband and one for my daughter. Or two for me. Who knows. Stay tuned…