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Recipes for Delight

July 14, 2011

Image: © Casey Crisenbery –

Many of us work with recipes regularly. Some of us might find them to be a little basic and boring. This blog reminds me that even the most basic of information can be delivered in a delightful and inspiring way.


DesignVagabond…oh yeah!

November 18, 2009


Few design blogs make me this happy.

Self Costume

November 3, 2009

When you want to dress up but not pretend to be someone else.

Artist, Eric Testroete, uses 3D software and knowledge of paper craft to give himself a “big head”.


Hello Vacation!

August 2, 2009

Looking for a Taiwanese getaway?

Start here for unique experience.


A little kitty cottage welcomes you inside...

to a delightfully insane interior.

to a delightfully insane interior.

The couch even has Hello Kitty "bow"lsters.

The couch even has Hello Kitty "bow"lsters.