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Recipes for Delight

July 14, 2011

Image: © Casey Crisenbery –

Many of us work with recipes regularly. Some of us might find them to be a little basic and boring. This blog reminds me that even the most basic of information can be delivered in a delightful and inspiring way.


Have a Deep-Fried 2010

December 31, 2009


The 2010 Calendar from Deep-Fried Creative


I think I can speak for all of us when I say 2009 was a heck of a year! We had many wonderful things happen to us and I hope 2010 is just and happy and lucky.

A couple of months ago, a group of us at Deep-Fried Creative got together to make something special. Each member designed a month of our very own 2010 calendar.

You want one for yourself, you say? I don’t blame you; it’s pretty awesome. The 8.5″ x 11″ PDF is available for download! Click here.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year from all of us at Deep-Fried Creative.

Lizzie Kate – A Designer for This Stitcher

November 19, 2009

Design is everywhere, even the places you don’t really think of. I am a cross-stitcher, and despite the fact that it seems to be a dying craft I’m still addicted. Now, you probably wouldn’t know of this addiction if you visited my house. The walls are not covered with stitching projects from top to bottom. But if you find my project bin in the closet, you’ll see that do I like to stitch.

Closer inspection will tell you that one of my favorite designers is Lizzie Kate. All of the pattern designs are fun, playful and quick to do. The colors are vibrant and many of them also use a cool threads, buttons and other embellishments that challenge me to try new mediums, if you will. You can see all their patterns using the link above, and you can even download some free patterns from their site.

While I finished the stitching on these projects several years ago, I hadn’t gotten around to getting them ready for display. Luckily, they waited patiently as I figured out what to do with them. When inspiration hit this fall, I took advantage of it. And, thanks to ideas from one of Mona’s finishing classes at The Silver Needle several years ago, here’s where I ended up.

If it ain’t broke…

September 23, 2009



My husband is sick and my new mother-in-law brought over delicious taco soup for us to eat for dinner. Luckily, I had a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix in the pantry. I am so glad they haven’t changed their packaging in what must be ages. It just makes me happy. Not sure if this is because my mom didn’t make cornbread from scratch, either. She also used the Jiffy mix. I guess it reminds me of the weekday night suppers of chili and cornbread my mom would make in the winter. Yum.

The first Jiffy mix was created in 1930 by Michigan-based Chelsea Milling Company. They produce over 1.6 million boxes of mixes a day and offer 19 varieties.

Normally, the quotes around “Jiffy” on the box would bother me, but in this case I think it’s quaint!

I can’t think of any other products that haven’t really changed their packaging. Can anyone else?

T Magazine Retrospective

August 18, 2009

I, for one, am a nut for variations on a theme. That probably explains my love of shows such as “Project Runway,” “Top Chef” and “Food Network Challenge.” I love seeing what different people come up with when presented with the same creative challenge. So, I loved, loved, loved this post by the New York Times’ T Magazine, which is showing a retrospective of their commissioned covers in honor of its 5th birthday. Each cover was created by a contemporary artist or designer. There’s one from 2008 by Brian Dettmer, the guy who did the book autopsies. Here are a few of my favorites, and you can see them all by clicking here. Which one do you like the best?



Why I love Hello Kitty

August 17, 2009

HKWhen I was a young lass, my brother and I had a “See and Play.” This was a toy in which you would pop cassette and pull out the corresponding booklet and press the red, yellow, blue or green button to guide the characters through the story. You could be a Muppet learning the ABCs, a kid taking a tour of NASA or you could be Hello Kitty traveling the world and learning about different cultures.

And so began my love for the adorable white cat. As an adult, I have come to realize she the epitome of “cute.” With few simple lines and shapes, a feeling can be communicated clearly. I think this is why she is loved by children and adults alike; she represents purity and innocence that is an archetype in everyone’s mind.

Another reason I think HK is great is because she can take on so many personalities. She can be a teacher, flapper, astronaut or punk rocker. Because of the simple design of her face, anything is possible.

According to Hello Kitty Universe, she was born in Japan in 1974 when Sanrio asked designer Ikuko Shimizu to create a character that would appeal to the girl in everyone. So, Kitty White was revealed (yes, Hello Kitty is a nickname) as a kitty that lives in London with her family and loves apple pie. Many people wonder why Hello Kitty has no mouth. It is because she speaks from her heart. Awwww….

Designing a font with a car

July 30, 2009

What!? What?!

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