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Recipes for Delight

July 14, 2011

Image: © Casey Crisenbery –

Many of us work with recipes regularly. Some of us might find them to be a little basic and boring. This blog reminds me that even the most basic of information can be delivered in a delightful and inspiring way.

Toilet paper rolls. Who knew?

February 11, 2010

I have a project I have every intention of completing… I just have to get to it. This project involves toilet paper rolls. Stay tuned. I am determined to get it done. Really.

Looking for some inspiration for my somewhat secret project, I came across these wonderful sculptures by Junior Fritz Jacquet on LoudDreams.

I love the idea of taking “trash” and making something beautiful. Any other art/artists like this out there?

Self Costume

November 3, 2009

When you want to dress up but not pretend to be someone else.

Artist, Eric Testroete, uses 3D software and knowledge of paper craft to give himself a “big head”.


Bouncing Around the Blogosphere: {Terrible Yellow Eyes}

September 16, 2009


Terrible Yellow Eyes

Of all the Bouncing Around the Blogosphere posts I’ve done in the past year or so, this one is, by far, my absolute favorite. For me, this blog was love at first sight. How could it not be? Terrible Yellow Eyes features two of my favorite things: creative variations on a theme and one of my favorite children’s books, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Select artists were invited by the blog’s creator, Cory Godbey, to create a work inspired by Maurice Sendak’s book.  And it looks like the idea is going to pay off with an exhibition.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, a movie based on the book is coming out later this year. I’ve seen a preview, and it looks like the movie will be as visually stunning as the book, which makes me immensely happy. I can’t wait to see it.

I’m posting some of my favorite works from the blog below. It was soooo hard to narrow them down to this many. If you’re up for it,  post your favorites as a comment or blog post. It would be very interesting to see who likes what, and who doesn’t like “Where the Wild Things Are”?

"Shadows" by Terrible Yellow Eyes creator Cory Godbey

"Shadows" by Terrible Yellow Eyes creator Cory Godbey

"Lonely" by Rekha Thorat

"Lonely" by Rekha Thorat

"crowned" by Jared Chapman

"crowned" by Jared Chapman

"Hide and Seek" by Dan Matutina

"Hide and Seek" by Dan Matutina

Shadow Box by Jeremy Vanhoozer

Shadow Box by Jeremy Vanhoozer

T Magazine Retrospective

August 18, 2009

I, for one, am a nut for variations on a theme. That probably explains my love of shows such as “Project Runway,” “Top Chef” and “Food Network Challenge.” I love seeing what different people come up with when presented with the same creative challenge. So, I loved, loved, loved this post by the New York Times’ T Magazine, which is showing a retrospective of their commissioned covers in honor of its 5th birthday. Each cover was created by a contemporary artist or designer. There’s one from 2008 by Brian Dettmer, the guy who did the book autopsies. Here are a few of my favorites, and you can see them all by clicking here. Which one do you like the best?



Jeff’s Follow the Leader Entry

August 3, 2009

I’m so stoked that our very own, very talented Jeff Davis (ahem, magimbu) submitted this original drawing to Sub Studio’s Follow the Leader contest. You can rate it and all the other submissions here. The most popular, as chosen by Sub Studio, will be sold as prints with part of the proceeds being kicked back to the artists. Good luck, magimbu!

"Lost Balloon" by Jeff Davis (SideOrderStudio)

"Lost Balloon" by Jeff Davis (SideOrderStudio)

Skeletown by Rhode Montijo

August 1, 2009
This limited edition print was released at the 2005 Comic Con in San Diego, where the books will be released this year.

This limited edition print was released at the 2005 Comic Con in San Diego, where the books will be released this year.


I came across this while doing my daily browsing rounds, and it was love at first sight.  So far, “Skeletown” is  only a concept for what is to become a book series and merchandise.

 The world is inspired by the Mexican folk art of the Day of the Dead, which I’ve always found beautiful and fascinating–odd for me, I know, given my zeal for zombies and love of horror movies (read sarcasm.)

The … um… boy flying the kite is Skully, who appears to be the main protagonist and below are his friend, Skelly, and (sidekick?) Wilfredo. The site has more pics, but my favorite thing about it was that is showed some of the visual influences, including Frida Kahlo’s headress and Mexican worry dolls. I just absolutely love it, and I’m crossing my fingers that  I can get my hands on one of these books.

via Drawn!