Creative Debate: Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft Mac & Cheese got a nice packaging makeover, and the new logo on the packaging is being used as a brandmark for the whole mac & cheese family of products. Pretty cool. 

Here’s what design firm Landor Associates had to say: “The program began with consumer research that identified several key brand equities including happiness, smiles, and joy. These equities were incorporated into the development of a new visual identity for the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese masterbrand – the “noodle smile” – which will be extended across platforms, from the packaging on shelf to advertising on the street. Read more over on The Dieline.

Weigh in with your thoughts, but how can anyone not love a noodle smile? The “mmm” does make me of Campbell’s though.

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One Comment on “Creative Debate: Kraft Mac & Cheese”

  1. Wes Says:

    I like it. Looks better than when they did their dressings.

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